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Dr.Neil Nedley

Dr. Neil Nedley
Depression Recovery Program Reading Materials

Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide. Do not allow yourself to struggle from this curable disease. Join Dr. Nedley, a leading physician in mental health treatment and research, as he walks you through the Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program. With this comprehensive program you will find the keys to a new life in just eight weeks.Take advantage of this opportunity now and learn how you can overcome depression and anxiety, find motivation to help you achieve your goals, and achieve optimal mental health.

This is a mental health education program, promoting and enhancing learning through the use of video presentations — by Dr. Neil Nedley, MD– followed by facilitated group discussions; the program also includes a work-book (for reviewing of the content of the video presentations and completing learning exercises); supplemental reading assignments from professional books recommended and required by the program, as well as a before and after the program DAAT (depression and anxiety assessment test), a unique assessment tool that analyses not only the symptoms, but also the causes of the depression and anxiety disorders. For maximum benefit, all these components need to be integrated during the eight- week program with once per week attendance for approximately two hours .

This comprehensive program is worth 1.4 CEU credits (14 contact hours), providing positive thinking techniques, nutritional education, and much more to increase brain function, manage stress, live above loss, and achieve peak mental performance

For additional information, feel free to call or text 281-989-5665, or e-mail contact@myhealthymind.info. The only cost involved is for the program reading material-as described (the books and the DAAT tests), including the shipping & handling. The cost of this 8 week health educational program is $175.00 (Materials & Tests valued at $267.49)


The Grief Sessions presents practical, healthy ways to navigate the new life we never wanted but have to face nonetheless. The six -week interactive sessions (90 minutes/session) share scientifically researched, Bible-based, and people-proven ways to turn loss into finding peace and living again. Each session is hosted by a session leader and follows a workbook in tandem with a video presentation. The video is hosted by Mike Tucker of Lifestyle Magazine, an award-winning television program on whole person health.

If you are grieving or know someone who is, these sessions are for you.

Please join us for an online Live interactive experience!

The total six-week program cost, for each participant is $60.00, includes a Participant Guidebook – a study guide and additional learning resources.

For additional information, feel free to call or text 281-989-5665, or e-mail  contact@myhealthymind.info


My Healthy Mind , a health ministry of the Adventist Church of The Woodlands, a 501(c)3 non-profit,  serves to provide activities that will foster and support total wellness by integrating “faith and health” of body, mind and spirit” that will lead to “wholeness.”  This ministry is under the umbrella of the Adventist Church of The Woodlands. 

The mission of this ministry is to promote an awareness and education about physical, mental and spiritual wellness, following the examples of Christ and guided by the Holy Scriptures. 

The role of the health & wellness ministry is to provide accurate and meaningful education, programs, activities and focus to address health issues pertinent to the community it serves. We want to be your guide to vibrant health &wellness!

Are you or your loved ones suffering from depression, anxiety, anger, or any other negative emotions? There is hope! Through education, you can learn how to identify depression, anxiety, and their causes, you will also learn how to enhance your energy levels, sleep quality, your mood and relationships, and emotional intelligence. 

Thank you for your interest.