Mental Health Wellbeing

Nedley Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program

Enhancing mental health wellness through educational programs and community resources

Eight Week Online Program

Each weekly session of the Nedley Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program requires two hours of online activities.

  1. A one-hour video segment
  2. A one-hour facilitated online group discussion by a certified instructor – the group discussion uses the corresponding workbook to further reinforce the video presentation.
  3. Included, assessment test (2) , books, and workbook. These materials will help put your newfound knowledge into action on mental health and wellness, cognitive behavioral therapy, lifestyle, nutrition, and fitness.

Assessment Test…………

Pre Assessment and Post Assessment

Preparing for Class……..

Watch the 4-part Introductory Session videos before your course begins.

  1. The Effects of Depression and/or Anxiety
  2. What is Depression or Anxiety? Do I Have It?
  3. The Revolutionary Research
  4. The Unprecedented Results

What People are saying who took the class………..

“This class and the way it was presented with practical “how-to’s” after each presentation was just what I needed at a critical point in my life. “

“The class was exceptional. I now feel very educated about all the ins and outs of depression and most importantly, how to help myself fully recover from it.”

“The week by week classes are wonderful and help make the course manageable and life changing. It focused on all aspects of life- helping me find a total balance. “

“I am again becoming the person that I forgot I had been… and its good to have that person back! It has been work-but it is worth every second! “

“The Depression Recovery Seminar is so comprehensive! It doesn’t just involve the brain, “the mind” or the moods—it addresses the whole body—the mind, body, and spirit of the person…You can live your life to the fullest! You don’t have to be a prisoner. This is really a program for life—not just for depression recovery.”

If you are looking for ways to get your life back from depression and anxiety, this program is for you!